Staffing and Key Personnel

Staffing and Key Personnel  

Mr. Patrick O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer

For the past 25 years Mr. O’Brien has designed, developed and implemented advanced integrated security systems for a multitude of customers including hospitals, hotels, government facilities, public facilities, shopping centers, and many commercial and government customers. Mr. O’Brien has designed and implemented the advanced integrated security systems protecting many Federal, State, and City and County facilities after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. These include Local, Regional and Department of Homeland Security funded systems protecting Honolulu’s Water Supply, the State of Hawaii Harbors, The DOD Regional Fuel Supply, the Honolulu and Maui County facilities, and the University of Hawaii.

Mr. O’Brien has contributed significantly to the private security and law enforcement community, in Hawaii. He is currently a member, Past President and Past Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation. He has held director positions on numerous Boards including the Hawaii Visitor Industry Security Association (HVISA), and the Hawaii Joint Police Association (HJPA). He is also a Past president of the HJPA and past chapter officer for the Hawaii Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security. Mr. O’Brien has been recognized by the security industry and accepted into the Hawaii Joint Police Association Hall of Fame, and has received a previous “Top Cop” award from the Law Enforcement and Security Coalition. Mr. O’Brien received a Governor’s Commendation for his efforts in protecting critical Infrastructure locations throughout Hawaii. Mr. O’Brien, and his company Security Resources, were also recognized by the Pacific Technology Foundations and awarded the Hawaii Technology Industry Award, for their advanced security technology applications

Mr. Patrick Hange

Senior Vice President

Mr. Hange has developed, designed and implemented advanced integrated security systems for many of the Pacific region’s top government and commercial customers. Mr. Hange’s extensive experience working with advanced electronics for the U.S. is a valuable asset for Security Resources in the development of Department of Defense protection systems. Mr. Hange has held a Secret Clearance level and has directed the design and install of the electronic security system protecting the U.S. Navy Regional Fuel Supply, the regions top Department of Defense Critical Asset. Mr. Hange has deployed and coordinates the support for the Federal, State and County integrated security systems throughout the region. Mr. Hange has been responsible for the installation and support of the latest state of the art integrated security technology installed throughout the Pacific Region. Mr. Hange is the Low Voltage License Responsible Management Employee for Security Resources.

Mr. Ian Chambers

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Chambers has extensive experience and knowledge of the security industry and it’s products. He has long been considered as one of the leading authorities in the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and security integration industry. He has been directing the industry in various positions for the past 45 years. Mr. Chambers coordinated the development and introduction to the industry of some of the most advanced state-of-the-art, CCTV and integrated security products. He coordinated the design and implementation of integrated security systems for many of the Fortune 500 companies, the 1996 Olympic Games, and countless other public and private customers. Mr. Chambers has extensive knowledge, and experience in developing, designing and implementing integrated security systems, and is regularly called upon to lecture, and consult for many of the security industry associations and conferences.

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