Law Enforcement and Security Coalition of Hawaii Outstanding Organization Award

“The Outstanding Organization award is awarded to the private security organization showing the greatest initiative and/or innovativeness in promoting the professionalism of private security.”



Hawaii Governor’s Commendation

“You have demonstrated a strong commitment to making a significant and positive impact on the technology industry…Your dedicated efforts have contributed to the economic growth and prosperity our state currently enjoys.”

Linda Lingle, Governor State of Hawaii


Hawaii Joint Police Association
Hall of Fame

Speakers Homeland Security Secretary Ridge and Mr. O’Brien.

Hawaii Governor’s Commendation

“…you are helping to lead our state into a bright and promising future. Your efforts to offer security surveillance technologies to safeguard Police departments, banks, utility buildings , powerplants, courthouses and universities are commendable. In addition you lend expertise, support and dedication to our community. By keeping our infrastructure secure you have given so much to the people of Hawaii and provided our young people with an exemplary role model.”

Linda Lingle, Governor State of Hawaii


Hawaii Governor’s Acknowledgement

“I want to personally thank you for serving as a speaker at our Asia Pacific Homeland Security Summit and Exposition. Your presentation was timely and very well received…Your involvement and commitment to this important issue in today’s dynamic and challenging world clearly added credibility to our forum. This was a unique opportunity for U.S. and Asian leaders…to review their strategies on a difficult subject…

Linda Lingle, Governor State of Hawaii


Mayor’s Award of Recognition

“Top 50 High Tech Leader…at the 6th Annual Technology Industry Awards”

Muffi Hannemman, Mayor of Honolulu

Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill

Hawaii Department of Defense Acknowledgement

“…your understanding of homeland security issues and initiatives helped tremendously . Through your efforts we were able to reach out to the Asia Pacific community for the first time with the required expertise and background .

Major General Robert G.F. Lee, Adjutant General


Hawaii Governor’s Acknowledgement
Asian Development Bank Conference

“Because of you we were able to show the world financial community that Hawaii is a place where serious business can take place. With Your help we were able to take a two-year project compress it into ten months and deliver a well run and safe meeting that set a new standard for quality. Leaders from the ADB as well as business leaders from around the world recognize this unprecedented achievement”.

Benjamin J. Cayetano, Governor State of Hawaii


Hawaii Governor’s Acknowledgement

“Without your company’s sponsorship the conference would not have been as successful as it was. Your participation really added credibility to this event”

Linda Lingle, Governor State of Hawaii

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